Problem #6: MOTHER'S DAY - How can we show our gratitude?

Mother’s Day sometimes feels like one of these weird performance-driven holidays, where we are not satisfied by the scripted means of showing appreciation. Still, flowers and chocolate accompany us on our pilgrimage to Mum as every year. But how can we show her our appreciation for her unconventional love?

Certainly not by buying her a gift or a pre-written card.

What is it that mothers really want on Mother’s Day?

"A phone call. A trip all of us together..." Most of the time, mothers want gifts that money just can’t buy. A bit of gratitude and appreciation for always putting the children's needs and wishes first.

How to practice gratitude in EVERYDAY life, not only during that one celebration day per year?

Include your Mum into your family life. Give your Mum a seat at your digital family table. The older Mum's get, the more they want to stay connected and see and hear what's happening in your life. 

Here is why we made KAMA.

For all those who are overwhelmed with the design of apps that are made for people up to the age of 55. Small buttons, more and more buttons, small text, difficult to handle. Plus, we listened to hundreds of Mums across many countries. They want to be in touch with their families more often and hear what's new. They also want to share their stories that nobody in the family has asked them about.

KAMA provides you regularly with conversation starters that we developed with gamification and game experts. These conversation triggers aim at fostering appreciative and close relationships.

This is gratitude. Not just flowers and chocolate, a massage or a quick lunch somewhere on Mother's Day. EVERYDAY is Mother's Day. Every single day.


Use KAMA to show appreciation for your family.


Download the KAMA App now and test it for 2 months with 5 family members. It's easy, it's safe, it's private and it's well designed for your Mum's and Nan's eyes:

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Problem #5: Older people only talk about their aches and pains

I remember the comment of a gentleman who we asked about the connection to his family. He responded: “I really love my Mum, but when I call her, I sometimes hope that she won’t pick up, so I can simply leave her a voice message. I am so busy and actually don’t want to listen to the same old stories about her doctor appointments.”

KAMA's solution to his dilemma: Engage Mum in different conversation topics.

The KAMA App will regularly send conversation starters to the KAMA family. We worked with the best gamification experts in the world to define hundreds of family tasks that will help stimulate conversations. The KAMA system will learn which tasks you found useful and assist you over time with relevant questions.

Here some examples:

  • Is there anything you regret not having asked your parents?

  • My earliest holiday memory was our trip to Italy when I turned 5. What is your earliest holiday memory?

  • I was just looking at some old photos from school. I hated book keeping, remember? What was school like for you as a teenager? What were your best and worst subjects?

  • Everyone always mentions the war as the worst world event in the 20th century. I have been wondering: What other world event had the most impact on you?

  • Given that the youngest children in our family were just born, how would you like to be remembered, Mum?

Buy a KAMA book for your older family member NOW and create your family legacy book!

people-vintage-photo-memories sm.jpg

Problem #4: Older people stick to old habits such as photo albums

How many photo albums do your grandparents have? How often do they have access to them, especially when they move from their house to a retirement home? Does your Grandma's cabinet look like this?



How often do you share your own pictures with your grandparents?

Younger generations are used to sharing everything that happens in their life in Social Media, but their grandparents often don’t have access to it.

Let us tell you how we used to take photos: you bought a film, clipped it into your camera, chose very well what you took a photo of, waited until the film roll was empty and then you took the roll to a photoshop. You had to wait for a few days and then picked up the printed photos. And only then could you select the best ones and glued them into a photo album.

Younger generations are used to looking at images in a snapshot moment and rarely think about preserving and printing them. 

KAMA is building a bridge between young and old generations by making it really easy to send these everyday highlights to Grandma and Grandpa. It's also extremely easy to create albums that can even be printed for Grandma, so she can touch your memories.

Make an effort and make Grandma happy! Visit Grandma and ask her to show you her most favorite photos. Her childhood, her teenage years, any milestone events in her life. Scan them, take a photo and then buy the KAMA book. We'll turn her photos into a personalized memory book for your Grandma. The perfect gift for Christmas 2018!

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Problem #3: Touch screens don’t detect fried fingers

Has it ever happened that you are trying to teach your parents or grandparents to use a tablet, and they end up being upset because the tablet doesn't work the way you say it will? It could be because their fingertips are dry. The phenomena is called “fried fingers”.

Hand touching screen.jpg


Fried fingers are common among older people, but not everyone is aware of it. This is why the KAMA book comes with a touch pen. Pointing and pressing buttings will be effortless.

KAMA is a single source solution that comes with wireless charging and complete tablet solution with integrated accessory!


Problem #2: Where have all the photos gone?

Have you ever wondered what happened to that family photo that Grandpa took at the last family reunion? You often don't get to see the photo that took 10 minutes to shoot. If someone took it with their camera, it seems to forever disappear on the camera of your family member or stuck on some hard drive.

photos on harddrive.jpg


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a secure family network where you can share photos of precious family moments with the rest of the family?

The KAMA App allows everyone in the family, especially Grandma, to see the photos from that unforgettable family reunion as often as she wants to. Because she knows where to find them. The ALBUM function structures Grandma's photos and even allows to print the ones that Grandma wants to put on her bed table.

And the best: Grandma won't get lost in the digital space. When Grandma presses a button that takes her somewhere where she doesn't want to go, one click on the home button and she is back at her safety spot.


Problem #1: Not every app is designed with older people in mind

How does it feel to be left out from your family? We hope that you won't have to find out.

Society is becoming more digital by the minute and not everyone has the digital skills that are needed to participate. Have you ever considered why your parents or grandparents don´t even want to touch a tablet?

The biggest problem is in fact that older people have physical challenges, like shaky hands, dry fingertips and bad eyesight. This is often not taken into account when new technology is developed. Our Grandparents generation were not raised with technology and therefore need more patience to learn about it. 

We have designed the KAMA app with older people in mind from the very beginning. Big buttons and a big screen and familiar words all wrapped in a familiar shape: a book that Grandma can hold comfortably when using the tablet. Test our KAMA app and invite key family members to interact with Grandma! The first 2 months are free of charge - if you like it, you'll only pay 5 cent per day to involve Grandma in your life! It's up to YOU to convince Grandma to give it a go and be part of your life!

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