Problem #5: Older people only talk about their aches and pains

I remember the comment of a gentleman who we asked about the connection to his family. He responded: “I really love my Mum, but when I call her, I sometimes hope that she won’t pick up, so I can simply leave her a voice message. I am so busy and actually don’t want to listen to the same old stories about her doctor appointments.”

KAMA's solution to his dilemma: Engage Mum in different conversation topics.

The KAMA App will regularly send conversation starters to the KAMA family. We worked with the best gamification experts in the world to define hundreds of family tasks that will help stimulate conversations. The KAMA system will learn which tasks you found useful and assist you over time with relevant questions.

Here some examples:

  • Is there anything you regret not having asked your parents?

  • My earliest holiday memory was our trip to Italy when I turned 5. What is your earliest holiday memory?

  • I was just looking at some old photos from school. I hated book keeping, remember? What was school like for you as a teenager? What were your best and worst subjects?

  • Everyone always mentions the war as the worst world event in the 20th century. I have been wondering: What other world event had the most impact on you?

  • Given that the youngest children in our family were just born, how would you like to be remembered, Mum?

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