Problem #2: Where have all the photos gone?

Have you ever wondered what happened to that family photo that Grandpa took at the last family reunion? You often don't get to see the photo that took 10 minutes to shoot. If someone took it with their camera, it seems to forever disappear on the camera of your family member or stuck on some hard drive.

photos on harddrive.jpg


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a secure family network where you can share photos of precious family moments with the rest of the family?

The KAMA App allows everyone in the family, especially Grandma, to see the photos from that unforgettable family reunion as often as she wants to. Because she knows where to find them. The ALBUM function structures Grandma's photos and even allows to print the ones that Grandma wants to put on her bed table.

And the best: Grandma won't get lost in the digital space. When Grandma presses a button that takes her somewhere where she doesn't want to go, one click on the home button and she is back at her safety spot.