Problem #1: Not every app is designed with older people in mind

How does it feel to be left out from your family? We hope that you won't have to find out.

Society is becoming more digital by the minute and not everyone has the digital skills that are needed to participate. Have you ever considered why your parents or grandparents don´t even want to touch a tablet?

The biggest problem is in fact that older people have physical challenges, like shaky hands, dry fingertips and bad eyesight. This is often not taken into account when new technology is developed. Our Grandparents generation were not raised with technology and therefore need more patience to learn about it. 

We have designed the KAMA app with older people in mind from the very beginning. Big buttons and a big screen and familiar words all wrapped in a familiar shape: a book that Grandma can hold comfortably when using the tablet. Test our KAMA app and invite key family members to interact with Grandma! The first 2 months are free of charge - if you like it, you'll only pay 5 cent per day to involve Grandma in your life! It's up to YOU to convince Grandma to give it a go and be part of your life!

Buy a KAMA book NOW and use the KAMA app with 9 other family members: