Problem #4: Older people stick to old habits such as photo albums

How many photo albums do your grandparents have? How often do they have access to them, especially when they move from their house to a retirement home? Does your Grandma's cabinet look like this?



How often do you share your own pictures with your grandparents?

Younger generations are used to sharing everything that happens in their life in Social Media, but their grandparents often don’t have access to it.

Let us tell you how we used to take photos: you bought a film, clipped it into your camera, chose very well what you took a photo of, waited until the film roll was empty and then you took the roll to a photoshop. You had to wait for a few days and then picked up the printed photos. And only then could you select the best ones and glued them into a photo album.

Younger generations are used to looking at images in a snapshot moment and rarely think about preserving and printing them. 

KAMA is building a bridge between young and old generations by making it really easy to send these everyday highlights to Grandma and Grandpa. It's also extremely easy to create albums that can even be printed for Grandma, so she can touch your memories.

Make an effort and make Grandma happy! Visit Grandma and ask her to show you her most favorite photos. Her childhood, her teenage years, any milestone events in her life. Scan them, take a photo and then buy the KAMA book. We'll turn her photos into a personalized memory book for your Grandma. The perfect gift for Christmas 2018!

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