Problem #6: MOTHER'S DAY - How can we show our gratitude?

Mother’s Day sometimes feels like one of these weird performance-driven holidays, where we are not satisfied by the scripted means of showing appreciation. Still, flowers and chocolate accompany us on our pilgrimage to Mum as every year. But how can we show her our appreciation for her unconventional love?

Certainly not by buying her a gift or a pre-written card.

What is it that mothers really want on Mother’s Day?

"A phone call. A trip all of us together..." Most of the time, mothers want gifts that money just can’t buy. A bit of gratitude and appreciation for always putting the children's needs and wishes first.

How to practice gratitude in EVERYDAY life, not only during that one celebration day per year?

Include your Mum into your family life. Give your Mum a seat at your digital family table. The older Mum's get, the more they want to stay connected and see and hear what's happening in your life. 

Here is why we made KAMA.

For all those who are overwhelmed with the design of apps that are made for people up to the age of 55. Small buttons, more and more buttons, small text, difficult to handle. Plus, we listened to hundreds of Mums across many countries. They want to be in touch with their families more often and hear what's new. They also want to share their stories that nobody in the family has asked them about.

KAMA provides you regularly with conversation starters that we developed with gamification and game experts. These conversation triggers aim at fostering appreciative and close relationships.

This is gratitude. Not just flowers and chocolate, a massage or a quick lunch somewhere on Mother's Day. EVERYDAY is Mother's Day. Every single day.


Use KAMA to show appreciation for your family.


Download the KAMA App now and test it for 2 months with 5 family members. It's easy, it's safe, it's private and it's well designed for your Mum's and Nan's eyes:

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