We believe that family is the most important thing in life. The less we see each other and hear from each other, the more we are missing out. Such as the love of your grandmother.

Does she know how often you think of her?

Does she know how often you think of her?

KAMA brings you back together. If you want, every day.

KAMA brings you back together.
If you want, every day.


Welcome to the Eldernet, Granny!

We live in the digital world of smart phones that Grandmothers have access to, but don't understand or use to their benefit.
Many Grandmothers don't know what an app is. They don't know how to engage with it. The KAMA app was made for Grandmothers and they will intuitively understand it. And they will feel less lonely with it.
KAMA makes your family grow closer together.

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At the heart of KAMA is a grandmother-friendly app. It is based on algorithms that suggest how families can communicate to preserve what they have, remember the past and prepare for the future. 
As copywriters would say: technology of tomorrow for stories of yesterday.

The KAMA - App encourages conversations and creates memories that will enrich your life.
With photos, videos and a user-friendly interface. The confidence and warmth of the past will come back and your family memories will blossom.

A book that writes new chapters every day.

It gives you that warm glowing feeling, when you pick up something you care about. The KAMA book will become a family treasure! The textile cover is made of high quality cloth material and feels warm to the touch. Inside there is room for notes and everything that Grandmother likes to collect: photos, letters, children's drawings or even a secret love letter that she always reads alone.
The KAMA book makes the past virtually tangible. Digital communication is indispensable today, but grandmother's old memorabilia as well. When the two worlds of physical and digital connect, the familiar takes away the fear of the new.

We are currently working on the case and booklet production and will send out the first batch to our 'Early Bird' KAMA customers by Christmas this year. 


We will not meet our great-great-grandchildren anymore. Maybe they will meet us.


What remains after us? What is our legacy? Who will remember us in 100 years? How did our voice sound? What did we love? What do we want to be remembered for? With KAMA these memories are preserved. As photos, videos and voice recordings.
This way, we will enrich the lives of our future generations.


Join the KAMA family.
We have more than love to offer.


The KAMA book has already come a long way. An idea became a project. A drawing turned into a prototype.
Now we are the experts in connecting the young and the old.

From April, 2018 we want to help families share more time and love.
You'll then be able to test our KAMA app in the App Store and Google Play Store!

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