Data Privacy Explained

How does KAMA securely stores and processes data for you? 

Website & SHop

The website and our webshop are hosted at

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This site uses "Cookies" to secure that your browsing is save.

Google Analytics

We try to learn and improve the KAMA family service. Therefore we will constantly release new functionalities. 

We want to learn where visitors are coming from and what they like or dislike most. We track where we can improve and where are good at already.

We look at the Google analytics service reports that store visitor ip address, location and browsing information on our website and webshop.

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Email notifications

If you opted-in for regular updates of your KAMA family or needs support we communicate via email with you.

To contact all KAMA families we use the mailchimp service. We store your name, email address and email preferences.

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Social Plugins


We use the Stripe service to offer credit card payments. 

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To offer you the KAMA family service KAMA AS uses the following Amazon Cloud Services: AWS EC2 , AWS S3, 

Amazon AWS privacy statement

Data stored

All media collection containing uploaded photos, video, audio, messages is securely and reliable stored with highly redundant Amazon S3 service.

Your personal profile information containing your user name, name, email, phone number, location information, password, profile picture is securely stored encrypted.

Data processing

Logged data

To provide your the service KAMA uses Amazon EC2 infrastructure.

If you login to your KAMA family we store for technical and service reasons some data about each transaction.

To secure data we log with each transaction the corresponding ip address of the access, the access to service, device type and authenticated user.

The actual data (payload) uses SSL to prevent interception of all data transfers. 

Email conversations

We send emails to you if you opt-ed in for a regular information or answer support request  to your email address. 

The email and domain service is provided by World4you



Once logged in your KAMA App stores your username and password.

Depending on your preferences you can attach a location to a shared memory or message to your KAMA family.

You can allow the KAMA App to access to your mobile device to download and upload media.

KAMA App leverage the following libraries and frameworks