If it wasn't for our Grandmothers,
you wouldn't be reading this.


Why did we develop KAMA Book? Because we both have amazing grandmothers who defined who we are. We realised that as time moves forward special memories fade away. We wanted to keep their memories, thoughts and ideas intact for the future. We know that the energy, created in a family cannot be replaced. Values and stories flourish if they can be passed on from generation to generation.

DAniela Krautsack / cEo


Daniela Krautsack is a business strategist, author and innovator from Austria. She has developed brands around the world, sharpened corporate strategies and researched market trends. There is hardly a  corner in the world that she hasn't traveled to and been inspired by. Daniela is an enthusiastic daughter, mother, godmother and family person who counts close friends as family. She recognizes that the family is the most important anchor against loneliness as you get older.

Daniela encountered the problem of loneliness within her family when her Grandmother Kamilla suffered from the after-effects of 3 strokes. Daniela is convinced that technical innovations that are based on human needs will contribute to the inclusion of older people that are socially isolated. ‘Playfulness' motivates her and gets her going. She dedicates KAMA to her beloved grandmother Kamilla who supported the KAMA team as one of the first prototype users.


Aleksy Goroszko.jpg

Aleksy Goroszko / CTO

Aleksy was born in Russia and has lived in Norway since 2010. He is an IT developer-agency-web-database-business-analyst. For the last 20 years he has worked as an expert and innovator in several fields. As co-founder of the technology agency ThinkSmart, he advised many brands on growth and supported campaigns in the private and public sectors. What distinguishes him is that he has mastered the art of explaining complex technical matters in a way that everyone understands. Aleksy has worked with many social NGOs. KAMA is important to him because he wants to help older people lead a fulfilled and self-determined life.


Markus kucborski / MENTOR

Markus Kucborski is a transformation expert. As an interim CTO he advises companies that want to innovate and change. His focus lies in change management of technology, automation of technology platforms, re-platforming for the cloud, software modernization and in-house academies, enabling new workflows and technologies to be learned within companies. Back in 1996 he set up an Internet Service Provider and introduced Vodafone mobile platforms from 2001-2010. He integrated the growing use of smartphones into various technical and marketing areas. He works both as an interim CTO and product owner with executives, and as a DevOps trainer to introduce new technology into engineering teams.


Christoph Angerer /


Christoph is a man of the word and the idea. His training as a journalist and copywriter makes him multifunctional when it comes to connecting products with feelings and stories. 15 years of agency experience in Vienna and Hamburg give him the necessary peace of mind when it comes to planning and designing campaigns. When he first heard about KAMA, he immediately had many beautiful ideas and stories in his head. And the good feeling of being able to explain a product that makes the world a little better.

Daniela 3.jpg



Daniela Syczek is opening her linguistic registers for KAMA and 80 other clients and agencies every year. She completed three international studies, in Norway and Austria. With her own dream job, she supports others in achieving their goals. Daniela translates business texts, literature, teaches and moderates. She supports KAMA with translations and her enthusiasm for the brand. The connection between generations, self-determination and the feeling of belonging is important to her, and with KAMA, she recognizes these values and the appreciation for each generation.